Foundation Rwanda
Paulin Nkusi

Paulin Nkusi

KYBORA is proud to be working with Foundation Rwanda on a program that empowers second-generation rape survivors of the Rwandan genocide

Meet Paulin, a second-generation survivor and entrepreneur from Rwanda. Paulin’s childhood in Rwanda fueled his passion for technology, inspiring him to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and make a meaningful impact in his community. Motivated by the tech-savvy individuals around him, Paulin established Multi-Tech Solutions in Kigali – a video, photography, and information and communication technology (ICT) business.

“I’ve been passionate about technology ever since I was a child.”
– Paulin, Nkusi

Through the Foundation Rwanda KYBORA Initiative, Paulin was able to acquire essential skills and knowledge, which helped him navigate the complexities of the business world in Rwanda. Today, Paulin stands as a symbol of hope, inspiring fellow second-generation survivors in Rwanda to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

The Foundation Rwanda KYBORA Initiative seeks to provide 50 young adults per year with training and small business loans. We invite our colleagues in the biotech industry to join our initiative and help create a brighter future for these young adults and their families.

To learn more, kindly reach out to us via direct message on LinkedIn, write to us here, send an email to or go to Foundation Rwanda’s website.

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