Fundraising Services.


Biotech Fundraising Services

Raising capital is the number one job of any biotech CEO. Without it, a company cannot efficiently progress its pipeline and runs the risk of missing the opportunity to bring their products to market on time. Raising capital is a complex task, especially in the current environment. With KYBORA, you'll have a partner whose global presence opens up access to financial investors all over the world. We've worked hard to cultivate and strengthen relationships with venture capitalists, hedge funds, family offices, debt providers, and an extensive list of wealthy individuals who are dedicated to and invest in the life sciences sector. We understand what they are looking for when deciding whether or not to invest in a company's drug development program; we know how best to pitch our clients' business plans so that they're ready to provide funding when it is needed most.

We offer a robust list of comprehensive fundraising services. These include helping to prepare and review your pitch deck, developing a thorough valuation analysis, collaborating on presentations to potential investors, reviewing term sheets in a way that protects your interests, and negotiating final agreements.

The table below shows the different approaches we can take in securing fundraising. Have a look and contact us to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your company’s financing needs.

We help innovative companies find capital to sustain and accelerate their growth. Our teams in the US, Europe, the Middle-East, and China have direct access to family offices, PE group, VC’s, and sovereign funds that focus on investing in life sciences companies.