KYBORA’s mission is to

Help Life Sciences Companies
Achieve Enduring Success

Our name comes from the word "kuyobora" which means guide in Kinyarwanda, the language of our founder’s country of birth.

Our purpose is to help clients make and implement optimal corporate and business development decisions throughout the lifetime of their businesses.

We are driven to create long-term value for our clients, who rely on our experience, relationships, knowledge of the industry and global direct presence to provide them with a proven path to success.

We help life sciences companies of all sizes develop and grow all over the world.
We are

Our Story

KYBORA was created to help companies do deals in complex markets. It is now a global advisory firm that generates value to clients worldwide.

Our Services

Our services include fundraising, licensing, search and evaluation, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and strategic consulting.

Our Experiences

KYBORA is a global value creator for biopharma companies. We offer the best combination of global reach and local knowledge.

We operate in

All major biopharma markets around the world
Our track record of successes all over the world is unparalleled in the industry.
KYBORA is a global value creator for biopharma companies. We offer the best combination of global reach and local knowledge.

Our Services.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve enduring success in a complex global environment. We do this by helping companies make the right strategic decisions, grow through acquisitions, license their products, find innovation, raise funds, and/or sell themselves in a way that maximizes value for their shareholders. The services we offer include:

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Licensing Services

Fundraising Services

Strategic consulting


What our Clients say.

Cristália has worked with KYBORA in several initiatives, from strategic partnerships to M&A across Latin America.
The team is always reliable and highly professional when evaluating each opportunity. The broad experience in their respective markets is also translated into solutions, helping their clients to find alternative approaches to maximize each business opportunity. For their experience, regional knowledge and trust I recommend Kybora as the best partner in Pharma M&A business.

Julio Cordeiro.
Director M&A at Cristália

Cellaïon is delighted to partner with KYBORA for its fundraising and financial operations activities.
KYBORA’ long standing experience in biotech financement and M1A is highly appreciated and respected by all stakeholders in the biotech community. Our relation is based on trust and long term view of a win win partnership.

Etienne Sokal.
MD, PhD CEO of Cellaion

For our corporate development needs KYBORA has been the perfect combination of network, expertise and especially the ability to quickly understand our assets and help with the translation into the right value propositions. The KYBORA team has a high level of credibility with potential partners which helps start partnering conversations on a higher level.

Stefan Bluemmers.
CEO Blue Therapeutics

A genuinely excellent advisory firm. KYBORA’s seasoned professionals, through their extensive relationships with industry leaders worldwide and deep market insights, are uniquely suited to help business development teams identify and execute licensing deals.

Laurence Mallick.
Director New Business Development J&J

KYBORA has been a fantastic business development partner for Maypro. They’ve brought us some really exciting licensing opportunities from Latin America and the Middle East, which have opened new doors for us with a lot of upside. We’ve also worked on some M&A opportunities and they are our go-to partner on corporate developments projects in the emerging markets.

Dan Lifton.
President, Maypro Ventures

We have been working with KYBORA during last years in several pharma projects across Latin America. Great team joined by highly qualified and experienced professional experts in their respective markets. For their commitment, creativity and permanent support KYBORA is the perfect partner for the M&A business in Pharma.

Enrique Odriozola.
Head of M&A at Megalabs
Testimonials Enrique Odriozola

In nearly two years of our productive, and most pleasant relationship, three things strike me the most:

  • The wide geographic reach you have created, with seasoned industry experts who are available and helpful in advancing discussions.
  • Your own vast database of contacts and personal relationship with senior leaders in the Industry (examples, BMS, J&J, Pint, Pharmamar, etc. etc.).
  • Your focus on advancing and then closing deals, by constantly monitoring and moving the discussion forward.

In brief, I am delighted to be working with KYBORA and would recommend (and have recommended) your firm to others, with great enthusiasm and no reservations.

Ramesh Kumar.
President and CEO at Onconova Therapeutics
Testimonials Ramesh Kumar

In my experience, you won’t find a better advisory firm than KYBORA. Projects are handled directly by the senior team, who are highly credible, dependable and transparent. KYBORA has an extensive network of relationships with worldwide reach, and provides both deep knowledge and practical insights. Bottom line, if you need someone to be your partner, not just a provider, KYBORA is a great place to start.

Carter King.
VP business development at Protagonist Therapeutics
Testimonials Carter King

Our Global Presence.

KYBORA offers the best combination of global presence and local knowledge. KYBORA is headquartered in Princeton, NJ and has offices in Basel, Switzerland, and Shanghai, China. KYBORA operates directly in all key biopharma markets around the world.

Our Leadership.
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Jean Chatellier
EVP and Managing Director
Sasha_Bucher- Kybora
Board Member and Advisor
Stephen Stead, Kybora
Board Member and Advisor