M&A Services.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Buying or selling a pharmaceutical business is a complex endeavor. Before entering into such a transaction, you should prepare your organization by addressing some basic questions. For example: How do you know that you are ready? Is this the right time? What is my company worth? Who might be interested in buying my company? Who might be selling their company? These are all questions that an experienced advisor such as KYBORA can help you answer.

Once ready to transact, our team will guide you through an efficient and competitive process that will maximize the value of your company or its products. Our global reach gives us access to strategic and financial buyers located all over the world, providing greater visibility to your company and/or assets.

We follow a clearly defined process that has been tested over time. Clients are kept informed every step of the way, allowing them to be confident in our abilities and understand each decision we make. When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, transparency throughout the process builds trust with all parties involved, establishing relationships that lead to superior outcomes.

Specifically, KYBORA can help you with the following aspect of M&A transactions:

Deal Planning (Project plan, Team building, key value drivers' identification, Risk assessment and Mitigation Strategies definition)

Project Management and Execution, including coordination with other advisors (legal, regulatory, tax, etc.)

Valuation (Discounted Cash Flow, Comparable, Multiples, football field analysis, etc.)

Preparation of all marketing material (Teaser, Non-Confidential Presentation, Confidential Info Memo (CIM))

Preparation of Virtual Data Room (VDR)

Sourcing and Outreach to potential buyer(s) or seller(s)

Evaluation of Non-binding and Binding Offer(s)

Contract negotiations and Transaction closing

Post merger integration (if requested)