Meet Our Team.

Our team is passionate about helping our clients succeed. We combine our experience, relationships, knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy to deliver optimal results for our clients. Over the years, we have built unparalleled relationship networks that facilitate and accelerate business and corporate development projects.

I was born and raised in Rwanda. In Kinyarwanda, the word “kuyobora” means “Guide.”
I wanted to use this word because guiding our clients to success is at the core of KYBORA’s principles and values.

Alan Vanderborght

CEO Kybora

EVP & Managing Director - Board Member KYBORA GmbH
Felix Lara
Board Member KYBORA GmbH
Board Member KYBORA GmbH
Board Member KYBORA GmbH
Alejandro Infante
Senior Advisor MedTech and Latin America
Dr. Oye Olukotun
Senior Advisor
Dr. Ernesto Neumann
Senior Advisor Latam
Rainer Wulf
Senior Advisor Europe
Senior Advisor Europe
Pauline Salvaing
Senior Advisor ASPAC
Vijay Murugan
Associate Director
Brian Ford
Dr. Khalid M. Alkharfy
Senior Advisor MENA
Amer M. Alanazi
Senior Advisor MENA
Rubens Paulella
Senior Advisor Brazil
Francisco Hidalgo
Senior Advisor Latam
Dr. Eduardo Rodenas
Senior Advisor Europe
Senior Advisor CIS-CEE