Biopharma Licensing.

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Biopharma Licensing Services

Do you want to maximize the value of your assets globally? Are you looking for sources of non-dilutive capital to fund your clinical development or build your commercial capability?

If you are, KYBORA can help you license your products globally. With a direct presence in all key markets around the world, KYBORA can be a one-stop global licensing shop, working in all markets at the same time or sequentially depending on your needs. We offer more than just healthcare licensing services. Our services go beyond getting you the best financial terms. We can advise you on what it will take to achieve eventual commercial success in any given market.

For instance, KYBORA can advise you on regulatory timelines, on how to optimize your supply chain to maximize your margins, and on the likely pricing and reimbursement models, among other things. Finally, because of our team’s local experience, we often have direct relationships with the decision makers. This facilitates and accelerates the business development process.

Do you want to diversify your portfolio or strengthen your pipeline? Do you want access to the latest innovation? Because of our global presence, we can introduce you to opportunities from all over the world.

Our processes are well-defined and transaction-tested. We keep our clients fully informed at every step of the process, giving them a good understanding of where things stand. Transparency leads to trust from all parties involved and ultimately produces superior outcomes.

Our process leads you to success.



Our Areas of Focus.

From pharma to biotech to medical licensing services, we focus exclusively on the three key pillars of the Life Sciences Industry.



We help pharma companies (big and small) grow all over the world.


We help biotech companies make the right decisions at the right time and work with them to maximize the value of their asset(s) globally.


Medtech & Healthtech

We help companies integrate the latest technologies to better serve patients.