Licensing Services.

Biopharma Licensing Services

Partnering is an essential part of any biotech company's success. It brings non-diluting capital, potential validation, and know-how. However finding the right partner and striking a good deal, especially in a foreign territory can be a daunting task. How do you know you are getting the right deal? What is the potential value of your product in a specific country? What are the pitfalls associated with global or regional deals? What are the pricing and reimbursement conditions? How does the commercialization model work in a specific country? How do you optimize your supply chain to maximize margins? Who are the right partners? How do you protect your business from country specific issues? What are the various regulatory pathways to get your product approved? These are all complex questions that KYBORA can help you address effectively. We specialize in cross-border transactions and our experts can help you license your products globally.

With a direct presence in all key biopharma markets around the world, KYBORA is a global licensing one-stop shop. We can work in all markets at the same time or sequentially, depending on your needs. Because of the depth of our team’s local experience, we often have direct relationships with key stakeholders and decision makers, which allows us to facilitate and accelerate the development process of your business.


We follow a clearly defined process that has been tested over time. Clients are kept informed every step of the way, allowing them to be confident in our abilities and understand each decision we make. When it comes to licensing services, transparency throughout the process builds trust with all parties involved, establishing relationships that lead to superior outcomes.

Specifically, KYBORA can help you with the following aspects of licensing:

Market assessment

Deal Planning

Project Management and Execution including coordination of other advisors (legal, regulatory, tax, etc.)


Preparation of marketing material

Preparation of virtual data room

Sourcing and outreach to potential strategic licensing partners

Evaluation or preparation of non-binding term sheets

Contract negotiations

Transaction closing

Alliance management (if needed)