Emilienne Kambibi

Emilienne Kambibi

KYBORA is proud to be working with Foundation Rwanda and its incredible team members on a program that empowers second-generation rape survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

Emilienne Kambibi, Senior Counselor for Foundation Rwanda, is an advocate for mental health among survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. A survivor herself, she has a background in social work, sociology, and psychology and is a mother of four boys, one of whom is adopted. Her desire to help fellow mothers cope with genocide-related trauma prompted her to pursue training to help those grappling with complex trauma, including herself.

For further support for the Foundation Rwanda community, Emilienne advocates for ongoing psychological assistance, vocational training, financial literacy programs, and microloans. She also highlights the need for dedicated psychologists to provide comprehensive care to those in need. This would also allow Emilienne to focus on her role as a social worker for over 1600 people in the Foundation Rwanda community. 

The Foundation Rwanda KYBORA Initiative seeks to provide 50 young adults per year with training and small business loans. We invite our colleagues in the biotech industry to join our initiative and help create a brighter future for these young adults and their families.

To learn more, kindly reach out to us via direct message on LinkedIn, write to us here, send an email to info@kybora.com or go to Foundation Rwanda’s website.

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