• The FDA grants PRVs to companies that are developing products that address rare pediatric diseases, rare infectious diseases, or biodefense threats. The PRV entitles its holder to receive a priority review of their NDA or BLA.
  • KYBORA developed a comprehensive list of companies that would be interested in acquiring a PRV, performed a valuation analysis to understand the likely value of a PRV at that particular time, used its connections at the highest level of pharma organizations to engage in transaction discussions, quickly obtaining an offer that was in the range of what PRVs sold for. Bayer asked that we obtain two more offers to confirm the range of valuation. KYBORA was able to quickly meet this demand. KYBORA used the results of that outreach to negotiate an improved value for the deal.
  • The agreement demonstrates KYBORA’s ability to quickly find buyers for PRVs and deliver superior results for its clients.
  • To learn more about our this transaction, please click here.

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