Sascha Bucher
Board Member and Advisor

Please explain your role and responsibilities at Kybora.

As a Board Member and Advisor, I help KYBORA by providing strategic advice to its leadership and by making introductions.

What are some of your most proud achievements or accomplishments? E.g., were you a recipient of any notable awards in the industry?

I have recently raised a novel Venture Capital Fund Forty51 Ventures in Basel with two Co-founders and Partners.

Do you have any relevant or notable experience that you would like to highlight? E.g., roles at previous companies, companies you’ve founded, boards you advise, etc.

I was the Global Head of Transactions at Roivant and the Deputy Head of M&A and Corp. Business Development Roche.

Are you a member of any notable boards, societies, organizations, etc. that you would like to share?

I am a member of the board of Tarsier Pharma.

Please share your educational background – degree, university, etc.


Personalize your information. Please share any relevant interests or passions that may appeal to potential clients.

Specialty Coffee Aficionado.

If you have any social media profiles or personal websites that are professional and industry-related that can be linked from your section, please include them here. (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

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