Rubens Paulella
Senior Advisor

Please explain your role and responsibilities at Kybora.

I help life sciences companies succeed, with services in M&A (sell side, buy side) and licensing (in-out), origination and execution, mostly in LATAM region (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and other relevant countries).

What are some of your most proud achievements or accomplishments? E.g., were you a recipient of any notable awards in the industry?

I launched several key products and was active in several turnarounds and deals in the LATAM region (e.g. Megalabs, Eurofarma, Prati). Recipient of a) “Lupa de Ouro – Rx Business, Oral Contraceptive – Minesse” b) LATAM Star Performance Award, Biologic Enbrel c) IQVIA Internal Award, Rare Disease Product – Taliglucerase alfa.

Do you have any relevant or notable experience that you would like to highlight? E.g., roles at previous companies, companies you’ve founded, boards you advise, etc.

I have 22+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector in Latin America, with career evolution from Sales Rep to Business Unit and Marketing Director. Experience in a) multinational companies: J&J, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Wyeth, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mundipharma, IQVIA, SciGen-Bioton-Evive and b) national companies: Dapx, Proxismed. Founder of Desire2Help (consulting company) and member of Alvarez & Marsal Healthcare Industry Group (support of start-up InsilicAll).

Are you a member of any notable boards, societies, organizations, etc. that you would like to share?

I was a member of Grupemef (now with Sindusfarma) and also Interfarma (Access Group).

Please share your educational background – degree, university, etc.

I have a FGV (Bachelor in Business Administration, Brazil) and an MBA from the Thunderbird Global School of Management (focus on International Management & Marketing)

Personalize your information. Please share any relevant interests or passions that may appeal to potential clients.

I had the opportunity to live in Europe (France) as a teenager and developed a huge interest in traveling and experiencing other cultures. I was part of the AIESEC organization that allowed me to work and study in Canada. I did an MBA in the US and worked at P&U’s headquarters in New Jersey. This allowed me to have a wide network all over the world, especially in the health area. I have signed important regional agreements and am considered Mr Positive because I never give up…

If you have any social media profiles or personal websites that are professional and industry-related that can be linked from your section, please include them here. (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

Sao Paulo
+55 11 99647 2804
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