In my experience, you won’t find a better advisory firm than KYBORA. Projects are handled directly by the senior team, who are highly credible, dependable and transparent. KYBORA has an extensive network of relationships with worldwide reach, and provides both deep knowledge and practical insights. Bottom line, if you need someone to be your partner, not just a provider, KYBORA is a great place to start.

Carter KingVP business development at Protagonist Therapeutics
In nearly two years of our productive, and most pleasant relationship, three things strike me the most:
  • The wide geographic reach you have created, with seasoned industry experts who are available and helpful in advancing discussions.
  • Your own vast database of contacts and personal relationship with senior leaders in the Industry (examples, BMS, J&J, Pint, Pharmamar, etc. etc.).
  • Your focus on advancing and then closing deals, by constantly monitoring and moving the discussion forward.

In brief, I am delighted to be working with KYBORA and would recommend (and have recommended) your firm to others, with great enthusiasm and no reservations.

Ramesh KumarPresident and CEO at Onconova Therapeutics

We’ve being working with Kybora during last years in several pharma projects across Latin America.

Great team joined by highly qualified and experienced professional experts in their respective markets.

For their commitment, creativity and permanent support Kybora is the perfect partner for the M&A business in Pharma.

Enrique Odriozolahead of M&A at Mega Pharma

BESINS Healthcare hired KYBORA for an M&A and licensing buy side mandate, after scouting and appraising over a dozen of life sciences advisory practices. KYBORA is differentiated from most other advisory firms by the breadth of its global presence. In addition, its team members have deep local knowledge and extensive networks at C-levels. Working with KYBORA has proven to be very efficient in facilitating and accelerating our business development activities. Besides, it has been pleasant to interact with collaborative business partners that are able to reach goals in reliably, timely and quality manners. Altogether, we have generated and evaluated over a hundred leads in the last twelve months that led to the conclusion of several transactions…and more are to come.

Jean ChatellierHead of Global Business Development

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