Dr. Ernesto Neumann
Senior Advisor

Please explain your role and responsibilities at Kybora.

I am focused on making KYBORA successful in Latin America, by direct activities and synergies with the colleagues of other regions.

What are some of your most proud achievements or accomplishments? E.g., were you a recipient of any notable awards in the industry?

In more than fifty years acting in the industry, I am proud of many awards and achievements such as making my company the company with the highest sales share in the region of which I was responsible, but more than anything else I am proud of having contributed to make many colleagues personally and professionally successful.

Do you have any relevant or notable experience that you would like to highlight? E.g., roles at previous companies, companies you’ve founded, boards you advise, etc.

After working 40 years for Merck I founded my own company – Ideias e Ideais Ltd.- I also advice several companies as a board member or advisor.

Are you a member of any notable boards, societies, organizations, etc. that you would like to share?

I am active at Interfarma the association of the multinational pharmaceutical industry in.

Please share your educational background – degree, university, etc.

I have a PhD in Chemistry from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany.

Personalize your information. Please share any relevant interests or passions that may appeal to potential clients.

I enjoy acting as a sounding board providing strategic advice to managers to help them to optimize their decisions. Seeing the results of this activity keeps me going.

If you have any social media profiles or personal websites that are professional and industry-related that can be linked from your section, please include them here. (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).


Rio De Janeiro
+55 2124345286
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