KYBORA Life Sciences, a global advisory firm dedicated to facilitating enduring success for life sciences companies, is pleased to announce the appointment of Wang Zhi as Executive Vice President (EVP) and Managing Director of KYBORA Life Sciences (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., effective June 21, 2023.
Wang Zhi brings extensive experience and a proven track record in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry to his new role. As EVP and Managing Director, Mr. Zhi will assume leadership of KYBORA’s operations in Shanghai, overseeing the delivery of exceptional business and corporate development transaction services to clients worldwide. This encompassing portfolio includes M&A, licensing, fundraising, and strategic consulting services, which enable life sciences companies to navigate the complexities of the industry and achieve sustainable growth.
“We are delighted to welcome Mr. Zhi to the esteemed KYBORA team,” said Alan Vanderborght, CEO and Chairman of the Board of KYBORA Holdings, Inc. “His wealth of experience and profound industry knowledge will play an instrumental role in driving our mission to empower life sciences companies to achieve enduring success. Mr. Zhi’s leadership will reinforce our position in China and enhance our capacity to deliver optimal business solutions to clients worldwide.” Please read the full press release here.

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20 years of experience in international business development in the pharmaceutical industry. Head of commercial operations and business development for Bristol-Myers Squibb in 16 Latin American countries. Global management consultant. Speaks French and Spanish fluently. Completed nine transactions in global markets in the past three years.

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