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Intare R., a second-generation survivor and Foundation Rwanda Ambassador, has shed light on the ongoing challenges faced by second-generation survivors born from rape during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Thirty years after the genocide, Intare R. emphasizes the importance of amplifying survivors’ voices and of inclusive decision-making processes that support their holistic needs.

While various programs exist to empower Rwandan youth, challenges persist for second-generation survivors and their mothers. Key issues still need to be addressed, such as access to specialized mental and physical health services, the stigma faced by survivors, the assistance needed to care for their aging mothers, entrepreneurship support and further education.

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KYBORA is proud to be working with Foundation Rwanda on a program that empowers second-generation rape survivors of the Rwandan genocide, by providing them with entrepreneurial support.

The Foundation Rwanda-KYBORA Initiative seeks to provide 50 young adults per year with training and small business loans, with the objective of creating financial independence and entrepreneurship in the community. The top 15 winners of a business plan competition will receive loans to launch their businesses, while having ongoing support for three years. Additional funding is needed to expand the program to support 100 entrepreneurs. Participants who receive loans contribute back to the initiative, by being part of a pay-it-forward program.

By standing in solidarity with survivors and addressing their multifaceted challenges, we can contribute to their collective healing and resilience, ensuring that their success, mental and physical health and financial independence are safeguarded.

We invite our colleagues in the biotech industry to join our initiative and help create a brighter future for these young adults and their families.

To learn more, please reach out via direct message on LinkedIn, write to us here, send an email to or go to Foundation Rwanda‘s website.

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