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Product Licensing and Distribution

Licensing Strategy – We help our clients develop licensing strategies that maximize the value of their assets globally. Licensing can be quite challenging – from ensuring the correct partnership to understanding pricing, regulatory requirements, and licensing practices. KYBORA has the necessary local knowledge and contacts to ensure optimal deals.

Asset Screening – Finding products that meet strategic needs is important to our clients. The international relationships we have developed over the years give us access to assets that are not readily available to other companies. We are thus able to rapidly present very valuable alternatives to our clients.

Asset Positioning – Positioning our clients’ assets in the best light is critical to ensuring the eventual success of a sell side process. We spend a significant amount of time researching the features of the products and the needs of the market. This allows us to focus on the aspects that will drive the highest level of interest for our clients’ products.

Partner Identification – Finding the right partner is essential to ensuring the long-term success of any licensing deal. Over the years we have established strong relationships with decision makers in companies located all over the world. We understand their licensing needs and how they operate, which facilitates and accelerates the business development process.

Contract Drafting – Signing realistic contracts that support the implementation of the agreement is important. Because of our substantial experience in the life sciences industry, we help our clients frame and negotiate terms that maximize the probability of commercial success.