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Mergers and Acquisitions

Our team has over 500 years of combined business development and operational experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech and med tech markets. With direct presence in the US, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, along with partnerships in Argentina, India, and China, KYBORA offers the best combination of global reach and local knowledge.

Target Identification – We leverage our knowledge of the markets in which our clients operate and our understanding of their business model to identify targets that best meet their strategic needs. Our relationships with local decision makers were built and strengthened over several years, giving us access to valuable opportunities that are often not widely known.

Valuation – KYBORA uses and implements sophisticated valuation models and techniques to help buyers and sellers reach consensus on the value of assets. Our methodical approach is supported by our team’s knowledge of market conditions and comparable transactions resulting in valuations that can be accepted by all parties involved.

Transaction Preparation – Many companies want to transact but few are prepared for it. We often find that management has not completed a thorough strategic analysis to assess whether divesting or acquiring is actually the best course of action for them. KYBORA can to perform a detailed strategic review of its clients’ operations to determine whether transacting is in their best interest. Additionally, companies often know little about the buying and selling processes. We ensure our clients have a full understanding of the steps involved in these processes.

Due Diligence – Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of the business processes that must be evaluated during any due diligence. If needed, we have access to a network of local experts who can answer complex due diligence questions related to acquisitions, divestitures, or licensing of an asset. We also know how to set up data rooms in a way that facilitates access to key information and helps progress transactions.

Negotiations – We help our clients negotiate deals that maximize immediate and long-term value for their shareholders. We begin by establishing what our client’s objective for the negotiation is. We then spend some time trying to understand the other party’s perspective. We look for intangibles to trade if needed and take an incremental approach to negotiating. Experience shows that this approach leads to the best outcomes, often resulting in both sides getting more out of a deal than they initially anticipated.

Integration Services – We can advise clients during the integration period that follows the closing of a strategic transaction. This period is often critical in achieving the long-term value of a transaction. Successfully combining people, processes, and technologies from distinct organizations is complex. Having an experienced partner like KYBORA on board during this process allows newly merged firms to maintain a peak level of performance.

Financing – KYBORA can introduce clients seeking to raise capital to angel investors, venture capital groups, private equity firms, family offices, wealthy individuals, and/or underwriters. We also often help raise non-dilutive capital by completing strategic transactions in non-core geographies.