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Global Commercial Intelligence (GCI)


KYBORA combines 100 years of market research with 400 years of commercial, strategic, and transaction experience in the life sciences sector to deliver optimal recommendations to our clients


  • GCI – Commercial Framework combines market research with commercial expertise to deliver market tested solutions to commercial challenges. Our team will spend time with you to understand your key operational challenges and will make recommendations that are based on many years of operating life sciences businesses in your environment.


  • GCI – Strategic Framework combines market research with industry expertise to deliver strategic guidance to effectively address threats and take advantage of opportunities. The global life sciences industry is evolving rapidly. Our team can help you understand and effectively address these global, regional, and local changes.


  • GCI – Transaction Framework combines market research with strategic transaction expertise to provide guidance on how to achieve optimal value for our clients. It is often very difficult to tell whether your organization has achieved its peak value. KYBORA helps you answer that question in a pragmatic empirical way.


GCI Product life cycle